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The story of Norcy Beauty Lab started 5 years ago with a young girl in a store room making soap and continues now with the same girl who is now our CEO who formulates beauty products in a GMP and Halal certified factory. From soap to plant-based, organic and vegan skincare and natural personal care products. We have come a long way since then and we are only still at the beginning of our journey.

       What makes Norcy Beauty Lab products unique is the passion coupled with research and experience that goes into creating them. The products are formulated using near clinical strength active ingredients, essential oils and botanical extracts sourced from our own Malaysian and Borneo rainforest as well as other parts of the world. Norcy Beauty Lab uses producers who adhere to strict industry standards, ensuring the purest of ingredients for safe, effective products.


Transform science and biotechnology that combines the power of nature into beauty products to enhance and improve lives.


To be the producer of choice in Borneo and Malaysia as a whole for innovative beauty products powered by biotechnology.
This way Norcy Beauty Lab contributes to a sustainable supply chain within Borneo and Malaysia to help local communities and strengthens the infrastructure for natural and halal cosmetic manufacturing.
We are committed to the success of all our customers and invite you to join us on this journey together.

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